CM Punk makes a surprised return at WWE Survivor series 37

CM Punk Return at Survivor Series 2023

CM Punk makes a surprised return at WWE Survivor series 37

WWE Survivor Series War Games take place at Allstate Arena in CM Punk’s hometown of Chicago. In the Mens War Games main event at Survivor Series, Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, Sami Zayn, Jay Uso, and Seth “Frekin” Rollins beat Judgement Day and Drew Mclntyre. They celebrate their victory at the end of the show with Punk’s iconic Cult of Personality music hit, which surprises all the fans in Allstate Arena. CM Punk made his long-awaited return after nine long years. When he shows up, WWE fans start roaring his name and welcoming him back in the biggest way, chanting his name, which is iconic and energetic.

CM Punk’s return was kept secret as per Wrestling Observer Radios Dave Meltzer. Select Punk and Triple H had an hour-long meeting weeks before the Survivor Series. The deal came together 10 days ago, and he also stated that Punk signed a multi-year deal with WWE.

Triple H Shared his thoughts on CM Punk’s Return

During the post-event conference, WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H welcomed him back to WWE and stated that we were incredibly excited about it. It has been a long time coming.

Triple H Said: “Everybody grows; everybody changes,” Triple H said. “I’m a different person; he’s a different person. This is a different company. We’re all on the same, even starting ground. What’s next for CM Punk? That’ll be interesting, won’t it? I’m interested to see that myself.”

Triple H Posted on Twitter: Mighty cold day in hell

Seth Rollins got angry while CM Punks Return

CM Punk makes his surprise return on the WWE Survivor Series; he also surprises WWE Locker Room and Superstars in the Ring like Cody Rhodes, Randy Orton, Sami Zyane, Jay Uso, and WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins. Fans witnessed Seth Rollins get angry and show his anger at Punks return as he showed a middle finger towards Punk Michael Cole, and Corey Graves held Rollins.

Earlier this year, Seth Rollins called CM Punk a jerk and said, Stay away, you cancer. So there are some speculations about Seth Rollins’s reaction where they both confront each other at either the Royal Rumble or their upcoming event since Rollins beat all of the Raw Superstars. Punk is a worthy opponent for Rollins, and it also benefits Punk to start a new feud and have fresh matches with WWE talent.

It was an unforgettable night filled with gripping action inside the ring and the long-awaited return of a true wrestling icon, CM Punk. Fans, pundits, and the entire WWE universe are buzzing about CM Punk’s epic comeback. Now, that’s what you call a night to remember!

Stay tuned for more action-packed updates from the world of WWE. Wrestling just got a whole lot more thrilling! #CM Punk, come home!

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