Bray Wyatt and Terry Funk’s heartfelt tribute to WWE Smackdown

WWE pays tribute to Bray Wyatt and Terry Funk

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WWE Pays Heartfelt Tribute to Terry Funk and Bray Wyatt

Wrestling World was shocked by the news that Bray Wyatt had passed away; he was just 36 years old. Bray wrestled his last match at Royal Rumble in January 2023, where he took on rising star LA Knight in a pitch black match where he beat LA Knight that night. A few days later, he had been dealing with some health issues that had kept him out of action since February, which is why he missed WrestleMania 39. Sadly, he passed away.

WWE Chief Content Officer and Head of Creative Triple H shared the news on Twitter about his passing. I just received a call from WWE Hall of Famer Mike Rotunda, who informed us of the tragic news that our WWE family member for life, Windham Rotunda, also known as Bray Wyatt, unexpectedly passed earlier today. Our thoughts are with his family, and we ask that everyone respect their privacy at this time.

A few days earlier, we lost another wrestling legend and WWE Hall of Famer, Terry Funk. He was 79 on this week of Smackdown. WWE pays tribute to two wrestling icons. Smackdown starts with the traditional 10-ring bell salute to WWE Hall of Famers Terry Funk and Bray Wyatt.

Michael Cole said :

Good Evening ladies and gentlemen This past week we lost two beloves members of our WWE family Hall of Famer Terry Funk and the One and Only Bray Wyatt
Tonight on Friday Night Smackdown We will Honour their Legacy and celebrate their lives the lives of two incredible men who have touched all of us with their passion
their creativity and their spirit please join us for a moment of silence and our traditional 10 bell salute.
Tonight we celebrate the life and career of Terry Funk and Bray Wyatt Both of those men wanted to do nothing more than entertain you the WWE fans.

Cody Rhodes pays tribute to hardcore pioneer Terry Funk.

WWE Hall of Famer Terry Funk He passed away last week, and WWE shared this news on He was the true pioneer of hardcore wrestling; his career spanned over 50 decades. During his career, he wrestled for many organizations, from WWE, WCE, ECW, and NJPW to smaller promotions like TNA and Ring of Honor Championship wrestling in Florida.
Cody Rhodes’s father, WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, and Funk were long-time rivals way back in the late 1970s and 80s. In 1975, in championship wrestling from Florida, Terry defeated Jack Brisco for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in Miami, but Dory failed to appear for a title shot.

He began a 14-month title reign, defending the title against Jack Brisco. Dusty Rhodes challenged him for a title match, and they had an enduring rivalry. In 2012, Dusty Rhodes inducted him into the WWE Hall of Fame. Wrestling Legend Hulk Hogan pays tribute to Terry Funk as he posts, God bless Terry Funk, only love for you, my brother.
Cody Rhodes paid tribute to the pioneer of hardcore wrestling, Terry Funk.

Cody Rhodes pays Tribute to Terry Funk
Cody Rhodes pays Tribute to Terry Funk

Cody Said :

I Have the Privilege to tell you about Terry Funk generation star From Amerillo won that war the pounds of gold and wore it proudly
The man who winds the West Texas state out of all wrestlers says they went to West Texas State Terry Funk attended classes there
Terry Funk has been a constant in pro wrestling and sports entertainment for 50 years and 50 years Terry Funk has constantly changed. There is this little thing called the
Rub when someone such a legacy suck equity steps in the ring that doesn’t have it reaches down their hand and pulls them up to their level some legends do that for 1 or 2
Terry Funk did that for an entire company entire movement and an entire revolution. From Texas to Tokyo Terry Funk was passionate he was extremely passionate about Tables, ladders ,chairs Hardcore!

LA Knight Pays Tribute to Bray Wyatt on Smackdown

LA Knight speaks about Bray
LA Knight speaks about Bray Credit : WWE

After Bray Wyatt returns to Extreme Rules 2022, he forms a new persona. After Fiend’s character is gone, he cuts some promos and develops a new version of himself. Wyatt6 has created a new character, Uncle Howdy.
A few days later, LA Knight had a feud with Bray Wyatt. In November, both had a pitch-black match at the Royal Rumble, which he lost to Wyatt. It was Wyatt’s first match since 2021.
On Friday night, Smackdown LA Knight pays his tribute to Bray Wyatt.

LA Knight :

What I can tell tonight about Bray Wyatt I walked out here in this building tonight I saw everybody out here representing with the fireflies.
It just got me thinking it had me rewinding my mind a little bit because it thinking back to the fact that sometimes your greatest foes can turn out to be your greatest helper
Let me just go and be honest about this Bray Wyatt and i we went through hell That guy did everything imaginable to me and I did everything that I could back to him
Through that you know he doing his getting me ready for anything and I’ll be honest I help myself pretty well tonight I saw the pictures of his family I got to be honest
My Heart Breaks for that but as I look around I can hear it I can feel it again I saw each one of those fireflies out here tonight I know all of you can feel the spirit
Bray Wyatt’s spirit in this building. I will repeat that exact sentiment Thank You Bray because just like your all feeling spirit is the same allows me to stand here
Say Let me Talk to you.

Perfect ending of Smackdown to pay Bray Wyatt Tribute

Smackdown tributes Bray
Smackdown tributes Bray

On Friday Night Smackdown, at the main event, LA Knight takes on Finn Balor; he beat Finn Balor after the main event happened. WWE did the perfect ending to Smackdown to pay tribute to Bray Wyatt.
Smackdown ends with the lights going off like Bray Entrance, and the latern appear in the middle of the ring, and they play the Bray Wyatt Picture on the screen. Everybody in the building lights their torch to signal as fireflies and the Smackdown Ends. It is the perfect tribute to Bray Wyatt.

Friday Night Smackdown celebrated the legacies of wrestling icons Terry Funk and Bray Wyatt. The wrestling world united to remember these legends, reminding us that their impact will forever resonate in the hearts of fans. Their stories, their battles, and their ability to connect with fans on a profound level will continue to reverberate through wrestling history. Thank you, Bray, and thank you, Terry.

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