Jimmy Uso goes one-on-one with AJ Styles On Smackdown Sept 8

Jimmy Uso vs AJ Styles at WWE Smackdown

Jimmy Uso goes one-on-one with AJ Styles on Smackdown on September 8.

Last week, John Cena returned to Friday Night Smackdown and addressed WWE Universe Jimmy Uso, interrupted him, and told the reason why he betrayed his brother Jay Uso on Summer Slam. During the Smackdown, AJ Styles confronted Jimmy, and they had a conversation about Solo Sikoa’s attack on AJ Styles.

Later on Smackdown, they both had a match. During the match, AJ Style went to the top rope for a Styles Clash on Solo Sikoa. Jimmy Uso came and attacked, which cost him a match. After that, Solo gave him a samoan strike and got victory over AJ Styles. This week on Friday Night Smackdown, it has been official on WWE.com. Jimmy Uso will battle with AJ Style on Smackdown.

Jimmy Uso wants to be back in The Bloodline?

The Bloodline Smackdown
The Bloodline Smackdown Credit : WWE

A few months later, Bloodline had a civil war against each other. Jimmy and Jay Uso beat Roman Reign and Solo Sikoa at Money in the Bank, where Jay Uso pinged Roman for the first time in three long years. After that, Jay challenges Roman Reign for the WWE Undisputed Championship on Summerslam, and during the match, Jimmy Uso betrays Jay Uso. Last week on Smackdown, Jimmy Uso helped Solo Sikoa during the match with AJ Styles, which indicates that Jimmy Uso wants to be back in the Bloodline.

Who is the perfect candidate for Jay Uso’s replacement on Smackdown?

After Jimmy Uso betrayed Jay at Summer later that week on Smackdown, Jay Uso quits Smackdown. A few weeks later on WWE FASTLANE, Cody Rhodes was a guest on Grayson Waller’s Effect. Cody made a huge announcement that Jay Uso was coming to Monday Night Raw.

On Monday Night Raw, WWE Official Adam Pearce noted that after Jay Uso came from Smackdown, Raw would need to give at least one main eventer talent to trade compensation as a main event Jay. There is some raw talent who could go to Smackdown for Jay’s replacement. The first name that comes to mind is Cody Rhodes.

As Cody announces Jay is going to return on Raw Cody himself is a main eventer talent on Raw; it makes perfect sense he can go to Smackdown. Cody can battle with The Bloodline on Smackdown; it gives him some refreshment for Smackdown.

There are a few other names who can go on Smackdown. The Miz is one of them. This week of Raw Miz invites Invisible John Cena. He plays U Can’t See Me jokes while taking a chair as he talks to Invisible John Cena. The 16-time world champion is staying on Smackdown for the next two months, so Miz can go to Smackdown for a segment or he can challenge LA Knight for a rematch.

Cody Rhodes:

Whatever chips I had, I cashed them in. and I hope this is not a decision that I regret. I sorely hope so but ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your newest member of the Monday Night Raw roster main event, Jay Uso.


Jimmy Uso’s actions have left many wondering whether he’s on a path to redemption within The Bloodline or if his motives are driven by a deeper agenda. The recent history of The Bloodline has been marred by internal strife, and Jimmy’s return to their ranks has sparked intrigue and speculation.

The upcoming Friday Night SmackDown on September 8 promises to be nothing short of explosive, with the much-anticipated showdown between Jimmy Uso and AJ Styles. Last week, the WWE Universe witnessed a series of jaw-dropping events, from John Cena’s return to Jimmy Uso’s startling betrayal of his brother, Jay Uso, and which superstar is coming on Smackdown. We just have to stay tuned for this week of Smackdown.

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