John Cena is Going to battle against The Bloodline at Fastlane Oct 7

John Cena Vs The Bloodline at Fastlane Oct 7

John Cena is Going to battle against The Bloodline at Fastlane Oct 7

John Cena made his long-awaited return on WWE Smackdown last month. Since his return in 2016, the world champion has created so many magical moments with the WWE Universe. Since Cena returned to WWE, there has been tension between Jimmy Uso and Cena as he comforted Cena on his WWE return.

A couple of weeks ago at Grayson Waller Effect, The Bloodline Attacked on Cena, AJ Styles saved Cena from Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa. Last week on WWE Smackdown, AJ Styles and John Cena challenged The Bloodline. Later that night, Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa viciously attacked AJ Styles, which took him to medical care, putting Cena on his own.

Later that night, Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa assaulted Cena and signed a contract for a match at WWE Fastlane with three signatures on the contract, leaving Cena on his own. Will AJ Styles make his comeback next week on Smackdown, or will someone replace AJ Styles to help out John Cena for his match against Bloodline at Fastlane? We just have to stay tuned for this week’s Friday night Smackdown.

Here is the list of Superstars who could be John Cena’s tag team partner at Fastlane.

LA Knight helps out John Cena for WWE Fastlane

LA Knight
LA Knight Credit

LA Knight is the biggest rising star in WWE and one of the babyfaces on Smackdown. As per reports, Knight was the original tag partner for Cena to help him out of the hands of The Bloodline last week on Smackdown, but he reportedly had COVID-19 just before the show. That’s the reason he missed last week’s Smackdown. If he recovers in time before WWE Fastlane, he could join the 16-time World Champion as his tag team partner for the show.

During a recent interview, Cena showed respect for LA Knight.

John Cena : A tremendous amount of respect for LA Knight because his trajectory is that of persistence. You want to talk about somebody never giving up? I have it on a shirt and I try to live it every day. He walks that talk and he does it with his own style and he’s not afraid to be who he is in here [in his heart]. And speaking from someone who started as the Doctor of Thuganomics, I have a lot of respect for that,”

The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes Helps John Cena

Cody Rhodes is one of the biggest stars and babyfaces on Monday Night Raw, which makes him the perfect tag team partner for the 16-time world champion. Rhodes has been unfinished business with the Bloodline since Wrestlemania 39. The Bloodline cost him his dream of becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

The American Nightmare could join Cena to take revenge on the Bloodline at WWE Fastlane.

Cody Rhodes speaks about John Cena at the WWE Money in the Bank Press Conference:

“One of the things that John Cena told me. He said, ‘You could be the champ without wearing the title, but you have to be honest with yourself.’ Look at the numbers everywhere you go. Look at the numbers on everything you put out. If they’re telling you it’s cruising and it’s going, because there is a difference between soup du jour and equity in someone we’ve gotten behind and who has earned your trust and all of that, If those numbers support that, then you’re on the right path.”

AJ Styles makes his return to help John Cena

Last week, The Bloodline viciously attacked AJ Styles, which sent him to the hospital. A phenomenal star could make his return on this week’s Smackdown and take revenge on Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa. As a tag team partner with 16-time world champion Cena. Wrestling Observer Dave Meltzer speaks about how AJ Styles is going to face Roman Reign at Crown Jewel in November, which makes perfect sense that he could make his return to help John Cena and take revenge on The Bloodline at WWE Fastlane.

Randy Orton makes his return to help Cena

Randy Orton wrestled his last match against The Bloodline in 2022; since then, he has been out of action due to an injury. As per reports, he was seen at the WWE Performance Center a few days ago and can make his long-awaited return to help his long-time rival Cena. It is the perfect time for Orton to come on WWE and also a worthy tag team partner for 16-time World Champion Cena at WWE Fastlane..

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