John Cena is going to host WWE PAYBACK on September 2

John Cena returns to Smackdown

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John Cena makes his triumph return on Smackdown

John Cena makes his long-awaited return on Friday Night Smackdown live from Hershey, Pennsylvania, on September 1. Coming in brand new attire, the 16-time world champion welcomes the WWE Universe to Smackdown. 46-year-old John Cena addresses the WWE Universe as he thanks everyone for making his long-awaited comeback on Smackwon and also for giving him the opportunity to wrestle his first match in India. Cena announces that he is going to host WWE Payback.

John Cena Said :

“You guys given me 20 years’ worth of moments running down and sliding in this ring right here and it never gets old As a matter of fact every single time it gets better which is why no matter what I‘m scheduled to do from now on every single time I get in this ring IM going to do my best to say Thank you you have given me the chance yet again to come home to my WWE family and it feels good you have given me a chance to be a part of Smackdown and not for one night only know for months you have given me an opportunity for the first time in my two-decade career to travel to India to have my first match ever of my career there in India and I thank you for that.”

After that, John Cena promises that we (WWE) will give you the epic Smackdown and give you the answers to your questions that have been on your mind for weeks. He also promises to give you unforgettable moments, but Jimmy Uso interrupted.

Jimmy Uso reveals why he betrays Jay Uso at Summerslam.

Jimmy Uso confronts John Cena
Jimmy Uso confronts John Cena

Jimmy Uso interrupts John Cena’s WWE universe and chants, “We want Jay “.Jimmy asks Cena what you’re doing here and also notes that WWE wants to see him as WWE’s top star. Jimmy also gives the answer to the most-asked question of why he betrayed Jay Uso at Summerslam.

Jimmy Said :

“ They (WWE Universe) came to hear why Jimmy why and the answer is very simple I will save my brother 10 times over if I got to lose. You see listen I don’t care if each and every one of you is sitting in their damn seats disagreeing with what I’ve done I’m telling you I did it because I love my Brother. I didn’t want Jay Uso to be corrupted like Roman Reigns and I damn sure didn’t want Jay Uso to be corrupted like John Cena.

After that, Jimmy Uso attacked John Cena with his super kick, but Cena countered it and gave him AA (attitude adjustment).

John Cena Gives His Honest Opinion About The Miz

LA Knight vs The Miz at PAYBACK
LA Knight vs The Miz at PAYBACK Credit : WWE
John Cena gives a backstage interview with Cathy Kelly on Smackdown. Cena battled The Miz several times in his 20-year WWE career, especially at Wrestlemania 27. After asking a question about The Miz, Cana said The Miz is the most underrated superstar in WWE history. He is the man wearing many hats. Also, he has mutual respect for The Miz after being asked the question by Cathy Kelly. Do you have any opinions about The Miz vs. LA Knight?
John Cena Said:
                                              I have a lot of mutual respect for the Miz I think he’s one of the most underrated WWE Superstars in history but I also have a tremendous amount of respect for LA Knight because his trajectory is that of persistence you want to talk about somebody never giving up, I have it on a shirt I  try to live it every day, he walks that talk and he does it with his own style and he’s not afraid to be who he is in here. and speaking of somebody who started as the doctor of thugonomics I have a lot of respect for that.

John Cena opens up about hosting at PAYBACK.

John Cena Backstage
John Cena Backstage interview

During the interview, John Cena opens up about what is next for him as he hosts WWE PAYBACK.That he never hosted before, I don’t even know what that means, and also spoke about the possible match as a host.  Also, he shared that award shows are nothing like WWE Live, and you will never know what’s going to happen at WWE, which makes it special.

John Cena :
I’ll be there be there and nothing is gonna go wrong with my hosting. Whenever you have like a host, it just strictly you host and that’s it, That’s the one thing I’ve noticed in WWE when you have a host I think of the Wrestlemania that the Rock hosted, he just hosted he didn’t do anything else except cost me the championship “

John Cena hints that anything can happen at WWE PAYBACK Live from Pittsburgh. There is the possibility he can interfere in a match or he can give AA just like he did to Jimmy Uso, so we just have to stay tuned for WWE Payback!!

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