Jay Uso Returns to Monday Night Raw on Sept 4

Jay Uso Returns to Raw

Jay Uso returns to Monday Night Raw on September 4.

Jay Uso challenges Roman Reign for the WWE Undisputed Championship at Summerslam. He is nearing the championship, but Jimmy Uso shockingly betrays him and costs him losing the match. Next Friday on Smackdown, Jay confronts Jimmy, and after that, Jay leaves the show by announcing he is “out of WWE. A few weeks later at Fastlane, Jay made a surprise return on Grayson Waller’s Effect show at WWE FASTLANE and announced he joined Monday Night Raw.

Jay Uso returns to WWE FASTLANE.

Cody Rhodes at Grayson Waller Effect
Cody Rhodes at Grayson Waller Effect

On the WWE premium live event, FASTLANE Jay Uso’s former Rival: The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes was a guest on Grayson Waller Effect. Cody made a huge announcement that Jay Uso was coming to Monday Night Raw.After Cody’s announcement, Jay makes his comeback, and he shows respect to Cody Rhodes when Cody leaves the show. Jay Uso superkicks Grason Waller and sends a message to the roster. He’s coming to Monday Night Raw.

As Cody said :

Whatever chips I had, I cashed them in. and I hope this is not a decision that I regret. I sorely hope so but ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your newest member of the Monday Night Raw roster main event, Jay Uso.

WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi Sends a Message to Jay Uso

For the past few months, there has been a roller coaster ride for the Bloodline Civil War. It affected Jay the most. Jimmy and Jay Uso lost their undisputed tag team championship to Kevin Owen and Sami Zayn. The family drama continues for several weeks as Jay and Jimmy challenge Roman Reign and Solo Sikoa.

At Money in the Bank Jay pins Roman for the first time in three years. At the Summer Slam, Jay challenges Roman Reign when Jimmy betrays him next week on Smackdown. He quits. After returning Jay to WWE Fastlane, his father, WWE Hall of Famer Rikishi, sends a heartfelt message to his son, Jay Uso.

Rikishi : “Get Up , Stand Up☝🏾”

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Jimmy Uso reveals why he betrayed Jay Uso.

on Smackdown John Cena made his triumphant return on Smackdown and announced he was going to host WWE FASTLANE. Jimmy Uso interrupted him and came, and he asked John Cena what he was doing. After that, he asked the most questions about why he betrayed Jay at the WWE SummerSlam. Later on Friday night, Smackdown Solo Sikoa beats AJ Style. Jimmy comes into the ring and gives a hug to Solo Sikoa, which indicates that he is joining the Bloodline.

Jimmy Said:

“’Jimmy betrayed Jey because he’s jealous.’ I did what I did at SummerSlam not because of jealousy, Uce. You really wanna know? Man, I was afraid. Alright. I was afraid to lose you… I would never be able to live Uce if I let you and watch you become an egotistical, lying, manipulative a**hole like Roman Reigns,” Jimmy to Jey on SmackDown.


Jay Uso’s Future Plans for Monday Night Raw

Jay Joins Monday Night Raw as Main Roster Cody Rhodes also called Jay a Monday Night Raw Main Event. Roster indicates that he is going to work with top raw talent. Jay proves that he is a main event gay when he pins Roman Reign for the first time in three years. He also main eventted at Summerslam as he challenged Roman Reign, and he was nearly close to beating him at the biggest party of the summer.

Coming to Monday Night Raw is the new beginning for Jay Uso, as he focuses on his single main roster career besides Jimmy and The Bloodline. There are some rumors that Jay is going to join his former tag partners Sami Zayn and Kevin Ovens as they take revenge on The Judgement Day after they lost their undisputed tag team championship.

Also, there have been rumors that Jay could be a babyface on Raw and challenge Intercontinental Champion “The Ring” General Gunther. Jay is able to connect with fans, as he proves at Summer and Fastlane.

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